An examination of falconry in the uae

Traditional boat-racing[ edit ] In the traditional boat racinglong-boat races, although the boats are not quite as long as in the past, create an impressive picture as their tightly-packed crews labor at their oars, propelling their svelte boats through calm inshore waters under the appreciative gaze of spectators.

It was originally staged in an informal setting, at weddings or special festivals, but now customized tracks have been built throughout the country where race meetings are held in the winter months from October to April, culminating in the annual camel race festival at Al Wathba which attracts entrants from all over the world.

It was decided that as from the number of nationals in each boat would be 50 per cent, to be increased gradually to per cent by The falcons can chase Houbara birds or hare among other pray.

Despite its relatively short existence, it has devolved its own unique traditions and costumes that are distinguished from the nearby countries. At the Banyan Tree Al Wadi Resort and Spa you can take the Tibba Package where you get an evening watching a falconry display; the Eagle Owl and Golden eagle; have a falcon land on your gloved hand and get a tour of the falcon mews.

These instruments are called the "Subuq" and are 30 centimeters long, strong, flexible cords made primarily out of nylon.

Private Falconry

In addition to that it was considered a way of life for leaders of the tribe and the rest of the tribe, it was done in the broad of day light and then later on it was the topic around the evening get-togethers. Shaheen Xtreme Falconry is a company which offers the opportunity to get up close and personal with these mighty birds.

Al Sarab owned by Dr H. A leather forearm guard is worn by the falconer as a perch for the bird between hunting and training flights.

The ability of a predator to be tamed and made to obey the call of its master is a mystery of nature that adds fascination to falconry for Arabs. Then, a crucial two-kilometer gallop decides which have the ability for racing.

Equipment Falconers use special handmade equipment, including a leather hood to cover the head and eyes of the falcon when it is not flying.

In order to have a falcon population, only the birds which are free of infections are selected and released into the wild. The main prey for falcons are: A few might think that falconry is easy as it sounds, actually it is not. His famous book titled "Hunting with Falcons", which was published inis considered to be an encyclopedia on the art of falconry.

Furthermore, there was another companion that went hand to hand with falcons, which was the saluki hunting dogs, but saluki in addition to assisting falcons; it was mainly for hunting down gazelles.

In accordance with the traditional nature of the event, the race was preceded by the national anthem followed by folk dance and songs presented by local heritage troupes.

In the Gold Cup that was recently run at NAD al-Shiba, the winning camel covered the 10 kilometers in 17 minutes and seven seconds 6. This builds a unique bond and special language between falcon and falconer, and helps teach the important values associated with the sport.

Falconry was developed into a major sport enjoyed by the poor and the rich alike and was an integral part of desert life practiced originally for practical reasons such as supplementing the meager diet of dates, milk, and bread.

The aim is to nurture the relationship between the falcon and falconer and build up trust, skill and patience. It requires a deal of patience, skill and courage to tame, capture and train a falcon. Compared to an ordinary, run-of-the-desert camel, a racing camel looks like an enormous over-tall greyhound.

The falcon itself, known as the "Saqr" is a bird that is much admired by Arabs because of its fascinating beauty, posture, sharp eyesight and grandeur. The two ends of the cords are tied together into a shorter cord, which is then attached to a swivel.

Nowadays, their prices are in the thousands of Dollars. Rapid urbanization in the UAE over the last few years has adversely affected the natural habitat of the falcons.

According to His Highness, falconry is a sport that teaches endurance, strength, and patience.Falconry racing is one of the most exclusive sports in the United Arab Emirates, with top birds of prey going for more thaneuros.

Falconry in the UAE

The sport is said to be a legacy of the country’s harsh and unforgiving desert environment, harking back to a time when every resource had to be utilised for survival. See traditional falconry in Dubai. Witness these majestic birds soar through Dubai skies and swoop down at tremendous speed to catch game in what is one of the most exciting sports of the region.

Interwoven in Dubai’s cultural fabric, falconry has always been a vital part of desert life, from being used in hunting to evolving into a regal sport. No wonder hundreds of enthusiasts compete in the Fazza Championship. Falconry is the care of falcons, a bird of prey and in the UAE falconry has long been a national sport thought to have originated with the Arabs who came for Persia.

The people of the UAE love and respect these birds for their power and grace. One of UAE's oldest tradition is falconry and it dates to past times.

Falconry, the

It is not known exactly when falconry emerged but some history mentions assume that it dates back to years. In the old times falconry started as a source for food, to hunt hares and houbara mostly.

The falcon is a stunning sight in the Dubai desert. Get interactive and learn more about these wondrous birds with a world-renowned falconry expert. Unlike most editing & proofreading services, we edit for everything: grammar, spelling, punctuation, idea flow, sentence structure, & more.

Traditional sports in the United Arab Emirates

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An examination of falconry in the uae
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